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Programs going through and missing steps

Hi! I made a thread previously on this forum regarding my robot's inability to travel to more than one target. I posted my files, but the thread went cold, so I figured I would ask for help once again. I found out that each motion command(MOVJ) is actually including 12 axis positions instead of 6. Furthermore, it is not just targets that the program is blowing past. The arrow showing which target it is on only stays on the first target for less than a second before blowing through everything else in the program and ending up stuck on the last target before reading "connection problems" on the connection status, and saying in the log that it recieved an "Unexpected response or command from robot." I also tried printing messages to the teach pendant in a separate program, without anything else in it, and it only flickers the message. Help would be much appreciated, all other info, including some sample programs and stations that were not working are in the thread entitled "Fanuc Robot only moving to first point(connection issues)."

Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you!!

Jeremiah~Millersville Robotics Team

ThaFanuc[b]Fanuc Robot only moving to First Point(Connection Issues)Robot only moving to First Point(Connection Issues)[/b]Fanuc Robot only moving to First Point(Connection Issues)

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