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Programs to KUKA Robot, "Start point identical to auxiliary point" ?

Hello all, We use RoboDK to convert Alphacam operations for cutting polystyrene on our KUKA KR210 R2700 and we have come across a recurring issue. RoboDK doesn't seem to notice the issue and it runs its simulation just fine, but when the arm moves it encounters a "Start point identical to auxiliary point" error and then stops.

I believe its when it moves from one level of its polystyrene roughing operation down to its next level. We can't find any settings anywhere which would have suddenly brought this on but in the last week its rapidly become a crippling issue.

Kuka have only suggested the following so far: 

"Looking at the point the robot stopped, the robot positions are very close. The solution is to modify one of the CIRC positions because the minimum distance between start point and auxiliary point as well as between auxiliary point and end point must be at least 0.1 mm."

We have no idea how to influence any CIRC points in RoboDK and if anybody can make any suggestions it would be amazing please as its currently threatening to derail our whole job!

Many thanks!

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Hi Jonathan,

You can apply a minimum distance between points in "Tools"->"Options"->"Program"

You can also have a minimum arc size just below. 
Let me know if it helps. 

If it doesn't:
Could you attach a station with a program imported from Alphacam?
Could you also point us towards the problematic points in the program?
And potentially the program that was generated by Alphacam. 

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