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Python API -NOUI not working


I am trying to run RoboDK in the background with Python.  I can get it to work for "NOSPLASH" and "QUIT". But I tried with the rest of them and it seems not working. 

/NOSPLASH works but -NOSPLASH doesn't. I am using python 3.4.1.
Specifically I want  /NOUI and /HIDDEN to work. 

Following is the line that works for /NOSPLASH.

RL = Robolink(args='/NOSPLASH')

Could anyone give me an example line for NOUI?
If you start RoboDK with the -NOUI parameter it will start as a background process.
Make sure you are using a recent version of RoboDK.
Hi Albert,

Please see this GIF. As it can be seen, only /NOSPLASH works.


 I am using a RoboDK version downloaded 2 weeks ago.

(BTW I can't remove the attachment from this post!)

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I'm unable to reproduce this behavior with the latest version...
What version of Windows are you using?
Hi Albert,

I updated to the latest version and now it's fixed.


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