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Python API: ProgramStart does not change RunMode

I found an unexpected behaviour using the ProgramStart method from the Python API.
In the documentation for ProgramStart there is an example that says changing the run mode to RUNMODE_MAKE_ROBOTPROG would be redundant:

The annotations for setRunMode tell the same:

I attached a python script that shows the run mode is not changed automatically.
Looking into ProgramStart indeed does not seem to change the run mode.
So I guess either the function or the documentation should be revised.
Please let me know if I am wrong here.

Best regards

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.py (Size: 937 bytes / Downloads: 556)
Hi David,

Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay, we needed to take a good look at what you sent us.

"Please let me know if I am wrong here."
You are not wrong at all, you found a bug and we will fix that in the near future.

That could take a few working day.


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