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Python Abb YuMi not consistent FK, IK

I retrieve initial joint values, calculate FK, and then calculate IK to get joint values (J -> FK -> IK -> J). I expect that the output of IK should be equal to the initial joint values. This is a simple check. While it works for Kuka and others, this does not work for 7DOF dual-arm ABB YuMi. Am I missing something obvious? Here is the code:

from robodk import robolink, robomath

RDK = robolink.Robolink()
robot = RDK.Item("YuMi IRB 14000-0.5/0.5-R")
# robot = RDK.Item("Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/ER-4iA")
# robot = RDK.Item("KUKA LBR iiwa 14 R820")

# get current joint values
joints_values = robot.Joints()

# forward kinematics
# Returns the pose of the robot flange with respect to the robot base reference
fk = robot.SolveFK(joints_values)

# inverse kinematics
invk = robot.SolveIK(fk)
7-Axis robots have an iterative kinematic compared to an analytic one for 6-axis robots.

Results are not guaranteed.

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