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Python Version with RoboDK
Is it possible to use other version of python rather than 3.4, for example python 3.7? As I noticed it comes default with python3.4. Sorry, I am a newbie here.
Hi mnurpeiissov

You can install other versions of Python separately, then, you can enter the path in Tools-Options-Other

If you are using the latest version of RoboDK and you install Python in a default path, you'll be able to select it automatically as shown in the picture.


Hope it helps. 
Thank you very much. And other question, won't be there any problems if I use python 3.7 for offline programming of UR5? Can I use any library (packages) for programmin the robot? For example in generation of robot program. I could not find any information about it Python API documentation.
Thank you so much for this topic. I was searching the answer for the same question and got right answer here. Again thank you.

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