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Python scripts communication

Dear RoboDK staff,

I have learnt how to use Python in order to start multiple threads within the same simulation. Some "advanced" questions:

1) Is there a way to provide communication among the single threads? (For example, Thread1 invokes the start of Thread2 passing it some arguments)

2) Is there a way to start parallel tasks within the same thread? (I tryed with the Python multiprocessing module, but it seems not to work properly in the IDLE)

3) Is it possible to provide offilne programming to RoboDK simulations from remote?

Thank you in advance and congratulations for what you've developed

Hi Federico,

This question is more Python related and you might get better help in a forum dedicated to Python.

However, RoboDK comes with one multi-threaded example that controls 3 robots at the same time synchronizing the movements with semaphores. See the example "Offline programming - 3 robots simultaneously.rdk" and run the simulation "DoWeldAll".

RoboDK also comes with one example to remotely control one simulation from another computer see the Python macro sample:

I hope this helps.

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