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Python version error will not post program

im trying to get started and post a program for my abb irb1400 and s4c+ controller but I keep getting this error saying that python is not working. id be willing to buy this program if it can generate movements and arcware plus commands, especially if from g code. 

any ideas?


ok I digress, I downloaded python 37 and set that as the python handler in options, then I found the actual irb1410 robot and torch I have in your library and the program posted successfully

the program and module code look good I'm going to try running it on the controller monday. hopefully getting all the parameter data and external axis reference data into robo dk is fairly straightforward


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Thank you for letting us know. I understand you were able to make it work with Python 3.7.

Please let us know if you had that issue with an official recent install. You should not see these issues with the latest version of RoboDK and the RoboDK official version of Python "Python-Embedded".

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