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QT5Network.dll is missing when trying to run apikuka.exe

On a fresh install of RoboDK v3.6.2 I try to run apikuka.exe and get an error that QT5Network.dll is missing. All the executables in this folder give me the same issue.

When I download the dll from QT web site (version 5.7.1) I get the error "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

I read this may have something to do with .NET which I reinstalled. No change. I also reinstalled Windows 10. No change. Various compatibility modes also did not work. What should I try next?

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All required DLLs are here:
So you can copy the apikuka.exe file there and you'll be able to run it.

I assume you are trying to troubleshoot the driver?
Most driver issues usually come from an incorrect network setup (local/remote IP settings, Windows Firewall...)
I added C:/RoboDK/bin to my system PATH and it worked! Thank you
Hello I have the same problem. I will try your method and let you know if that helped.
Yes After Adding this path it worked.

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