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Quarry on if robot follow sets of line like a points

If you upload the set of points on the curve, the robot follows the points by making the angle normal to the curve. like in figure 1. 
now my question is, can a robot follow 2 sets of points at the same time or sets of line.
let's say the robot has a tool as a pen. now I have a set of lines or 2 sets of points that make a line. the pen must touch each first point from the sets, then it has to change the certain angle to again touch another 2 sets of points or line like in figure 2.  is there a facility to do so? if not how can I make the tool to follow the same lines making the same angle as line have?
Hi Dibash,

You did not attach your figure.

oops, here it is.

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I'm still ain't sure exactly what you try to achieve here.

Do you mean like creating a zig-zag between the lines,
Line 1 : L1
Point 1 : P1

So the path would look like this: L1P1 -> L2P1 -> L2P2 -> L1P2 -> L1P3 -> (...)

You talk about the tool angle, what would define this angle?

I think the best way for you would be to manipulate the points data directly either manually in a txt or csv file or automatically using our Python API.

let me try again with a real photo from the robodk.
figure 1 is the robot setup with the block that we need to cut. the block is made of styrofoam.
we have a heated wire as a robot tool as seen in the figure.
now in figure 2, there is a finished surface after cutting. 
I cannot follow the one line and get this finished product. not going through the middle line of the surface. 
what is the way should I follow if I have to cut to get the surface like in figure 2. 
I had also uploaded the robodk file.
thank you in advance

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.rdk   new way.rdk (Size: 3.37 MB / Downloads: 365)
Ok, I see now.

I think the best thing to do would be to average the point from each curve to retrieve a center point with the right orientation.
By doing so, you will be able to find the cartesian positions that match with the TCP you have right now in the RDK station.

yes, i write a code for the center point and both endpoint and fine the r, p, w. then another code to use those point to the path.
thank you,
Good job Dibash,

Feel free to send us a video of the working robot if it's not confidential, we always love to see robots in action!

sure, here it is,

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