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Question on values from Tool Frame with respect to Reference Frame


I was trying to interpret the values shown in "Tool Frame with respect to Reference Frame" for ABB/KUKA/Nachi. I try rotating theta 4 to 6 with 0 or 90 for theta 1 to 3. These are making sense. (And they really make sense with Adept/Comau/Kawasaki format!) But for theta 1 to 3 with values between 0 to 90, then the values are not making sense.

This is probably a robot manufacturer question. But can you give me some pointers as to what these values are? They don't look like roll, pitch, yaw...

Euler angles describe a generic orientation in space with respect to your coordinate system.

Different robot manufacturers use different formats, make sure you select the correct one for your robot. Also, Euler angles can have more than one solution. Usually you have 2 different solutions that represent the same orientation. Sometimes you can have infinite solutions (usually for rotations of 90 deg around Y axis).

More information here:

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