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RDK_DriverSocket Module (ABB) is not receiving any data from "waitDI" function

I'm testing the "waitDI" function on a python code (online programming) for an 1200 ABB robot. As soon as this function (WaitDI) is called, the driver is not receiving any data from the socket (Image_1 and Image_2).

On the other hand, when I call the function "MoveL" or "MoveJ", the socket from the driver module is receiving 8 different values (joints position (6 values), case number (5 if it's a moveJ function or 6 if it's a MoveL instruction) and number of articulations (6)) which is good and confirms the ABB driver received data from robodk (Image_3).

There is a thread regarding this topic but it seems there is not a solution yet:

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Hi Daniel,

I answered one of you previous question on another thread, it may be related.
Let me know if it works, if not, we can take a look on this one.


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