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RDK Remote Connection to UR10e - Waiting status

We are trying to remotely control a UR10e cobot thru RoboDK, using the Connect to robot... option

in the popup window we type the IP in the Robot IP/COM field and can successfully ping the robot.

When we try to connect (on both mac and windows), we get a Connection status: Waiting...

Pressing Show log reveals the following

Server established:
Connected to Sending program :/progrobodk.script...
Updating computer IP on program:
Updating computer port on program: 30000
Program sent.

On both mac and windows boxes we have assigned a static ips and have firewalls turned off on both.

but we cant run any programs.  its just stuck.

Any help would be awesomely appreciated.

Did you make sure the robot was in "Remote control" mode and that the driver is actually running on the controller? (A program should be sent automatically to the controller by RDK and it must run).

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As per other reply, yes, you need to make sure that you have your robot in Remote Control, that the Ethernet card is enabled, remote option is turned On in settings, and that you have an exception in your firewall for apiur.exe. After the connection gives a green ready, you can disable Remote Control to Local Control once again and the connection will remain.

Also, make sure you've set the correct static IP on the robot. Use the same IP as your computers, but change the last number.


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