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RJ2 Post Processor


I am trying to create programs for my Fanuc S-420iW, however it currently has an RJ2 controller. I don't see the RJ2 option in the available post processors list. Is the RJ3 post processor compatible with the RJ2 controller? If not, are there some changes known that I can make in the Python script? 

Since the RJ2 controller is a bit dated, it is hard to find a RJ2 controller that is also compatible with offline programming (transferring the file gets tricky), therefore, we have not personally tested the RJ3 post-processor on an RJ2 controller.

The last time someone asked me this they mentioned they were going to test it and let us know if there were any changes needed. They never got back to me which I assume is good news.

Feel free to try it and if you find any issues we might be able to help with the changes.
You may look for compilation errors or any error messages.

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