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ROBODK Capabilities with UR

Hi All new guy here, I'm looking to evaluate software for UR Programming. We have designed and built a robot platform for applying hot glue to foam or other items, it is set up as a dual station or can be operated as a single station. Some customers can easily program or they learn to get by. We have been asked by many customers if they can just use their existing .dxf file and upload to the robot. Therefore we are looking at ROBODK.
1. Has any one had experience doing this?
2. I have successfully loaded ROBODK and set up our system, when I import our UR Script I keep getting joint move limit errors.
3. Ideally we would like our customer to be able to buy ROBODK and use if from their office to generate programs to be sent to the factory floor.

Does any one have any comments or suggestions?

Hi DVF Corp,

There is ways of taking a .dxf file and transferring it to RoboDK.

The first one would be to open the .dxf file in one of our supported CAD software, for the moment we support SolidWorks and Rhino, and we will support Inventor in 2-3 weeks (we are in beta testing at the moment) and Fusion in late April.
Once it's done, you can use our plugin to import the created sketch into RoboDK and then create the robot program.

The other option would be to use a software like dxf2gcode (this one is free : to transform the dxf file into a Gcode file.
Gcode file can be read by RoboDK.

That should help you with your dxf situation.
If you have more question, we can schedule a meeting to talk about it.

Have a good day.
Thanks Jeremy, Yes a call would be great, as I have more questions.

I sent you my email via private message on the forum.

Thanks for the help Jeremy, Your assistance was very helpful.
Now my next question is.
Once I have created the program in ROBODK and everything looks good, I output the program and upload to the UR. The joints do not operate as shown on my screen in the ROBODK, It still goes to my points, just in different configuration. What have I done or not done to cause this?

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