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ROBODK Crash when executing a program


Since the 5.0 version, when i'm executing programs made on the previous version, RoboDK crash. Am I the only one ? Is there any solution ? I updated on the 5.0.2 version, but it's the same.

EDIT : When i'm running the program step by step, it's seems to work fine. Sometimes programs runs well and sometimes RDK crash. It's random
Can you provide the RDK file that creates issues?
This one. When i click on Main Program or i delete a program on the Main Program, RDK crash

(One program on the Main doesn't exist anymore, but i can't delete it without any crash)

Attached Files
.rdk   v3_1 - V46.rdk (Size: 1.24 MB / Downloads: 475)
I may have find where the problem come from. When i hide trajectory from all subprograms, i can execute the main or other programs without any crash. But if i want to show the trajectory again (i'm not executing the program here), RDK crash.
We fixed the issue with the latest version:

You are right. This issue happened when you display the trace of a program and you have the best performance settings active in from the Display tab.


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