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Ramps 1.4 and stepper motors?

Anyone developed an interface for robodk that would drive a Ramps 1.4 board and steppers / servos?  I am experimenting with a dobot like arm (3 DOF) and am currently controlling the steppers and servos with a ramps board, which is essentially an accessory to an Arduino mega 2560 designed for 3D printers and is an add on board with pin outs for A4998 stepper drivers, servos, etc.  The mega controls the steppers and servos using either standard 3D printer firmware written in C++ (such as repetier or GRBL) or custom written C++ for various other GUI interfaces that connect to the Arduino mega using usb.

I really like the dobot magician simulation in the library, and believe it would be very adaptable to my dobot clone, as mechanically it is the same.

Also, about licences, I don't see any category of licence for someone that is simply a hobbyist, with no commercial application, just a guy in his basement doing this for his own amusement and education.  What licence would be available to me?
You can use the following command to extract the list of joints for a specific program:
    program.InstructionListJoints(step_mm, step_deg, file)

This function will return the list of joints that the robot has to go through according to the linear/angular steps provided.

I attached a sample macro in Python that uses this command and shows the robot sequence in the simulation afterwards. You can also do this using our C++ API.

Contact us at for more licensing options, specific to your application.

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