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Re-open same project with shortcut CTRL+1


This error occurs when I open the last project with the key combination CTRL + 1. I can repeat this as often as I want. In the tree on the left, a new entry with the same project is opened each time, but only the last one can be closed. Linux Mint; RoboDK version v5.2.0.19949 

Hi Thomas,

I'm not sure I understand this issue. Do you mean you would like to close all projects at once? This is not possible unless you close RoboDK.

Hi Thomas,

Before we explore that issue I would like to make sure you are using the right process.

If you open multiple stations (like you are doing by pressing CTRL+1 multiple times), you can only close the active station (the one opened).
To close another station, you first need to activate it (double click on the folder in the station tree) and then you can close it (right-click -> Close).

Let me know if it helps.
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Hi Jeremy, Hi Albert,

It seems like this is only the case with Linux Mint. In Windows I can open and close the station as often as I like. I'm going to try it again this evening on Linux Mint at home.

Regards Thomas
Hi Jeremy, Hi Albert,

you are right, there is no bug. Only a small different behaviour. With Linux I have to acivate the station by double clicking. Only then can I open the context menu with the right mouse button. In Windows I do not have to activate the station by left double click first. I select the station directly by pressing the right mouse button on it and the context menu appears.

Best regards,


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