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Real-time path compensation using Faro Lasertracker


I have a question regarding the possibility of doing real-time path compensation using a python script.

My project revolves around a Kuka robot with KRC4 Controller and a Faro Lasertracker. Using the Lasertracker I can calculate the current position of the tcp and using robot.Pose().Pos() I can get the current position from the robot controller.
Now that i have the deviation from real tcp position to controller tcp position I want to compensate my path.

I use robot.MoveL(Position1) to move the robot positions, however when i call this function i can not interrupt it.
Is there a way to compensate the MoveL in real-time?

Thanks in advanve
With RoboDK we can help you compensate errors for static points (also know as a move-measure-correct approach). We have a custom addin that can help you for this purpose and it can be customized to match your needs.

However, with RoboDK we can't do much regarding dynamic path modification.

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