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Realtime connection to Kawasaki robots


I have a question regarding realtime connection with Kawasaki robots.
I need to monitor robot status and send and receive joint motion and states, as well as Cartesian movements and states.

Is RoboDK capable of sending and receiving movement commands and status to and from Kawasaki robots in realtime
Could you tell me what do I need to have in order to make this connection work?
I couldn't find any documentation on this.

From my understanding, some manufacturers sell the realtime control tools separately; is this the case with Kawasaki?
Have you tried connecting to the robot from RoboDK using the driver? I believe this should work for Kawasaki AS controllers.

Realtime can mean a lot of things. By using compatible drivers in RoboDK you may be able to get close to 50 Hz measurement rate for monitoring.
I don't have the Kawasaki robot yet and wanted to verify this before ordering one.

Another related question:
From my understanding, there are two programming file formats for Kawasaki robots, namely *.as and *.pg. In RoboDK the post processor only generates *.pg files. Even though in this link ( it's mentioned "Kawasaki: for Kawasaki AS robot controllers".

So is it possible to generate *.as files for Kawasaki robots using RDK? or AS robot controller is just a term that refers to Kawasaki controller and has nothing to do with the files format of post-processor?
AS it is the name of the Kawasaki programming language.

.pg extension is used to identify the file with the program on the controller side (ex: subroutine calls, download from flash)

.as mostly used for backups and any files which contain mixed data (controller settings, programs, variables, etc) 

It's only file extensions, the syntax is the same.

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