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Redundancy handling for KUKA iiwa

I'm currently experimenting with the KUKA LWR iiwa 14 in RoboDK. Is there any way to handle the redundancy introduced by the 7th axis? As far as I can see, the IK solver always positions joint 3 at 0 degrees, no matter what joint value has been specified in the (Cartesian) target for joint 3.

Is there any way to achieve a behavior similar to the handling of external linear units, i.e. I can define the absolute position of joint 3 which is then honored by the IK solver.

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RoboDK does not account for this redundancy. The inverse kinematics will ignore the position of join 3 and will set it to 0 degrees. We look forward to improving this calculations but we would need help to properly integrate your robot inverse kinematics in RoboDK.

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