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Reference frame incremental loop for pick and place


One program alot of reference frames whit offsets, is this a good way or is there a smarter way?

Thanks for writing in.
I can see 2 reference frames (excluding the robot base). All targets are with respect to the 'Pallet' reference frame.
'Frame 3' is not being used. Can you elaborate your question?

a row has 4 reference frames, that are offset by part width, the pallet has X amount of rows. is there a way to loop the program using a incremental move of the reference frame or do i need to copy the program and add a reference frame with offset for each move i wish to make?
Did you end up with a macro solution to this?
(04-12-2021, 10:44 AM)daddywarbucks Wrote: Did you end up with a macro solution to this?

nope but jeremy to the rescue


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Quote:nope but jeremy to the rescue

haha, happy to help!
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