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Remote access blocked?

I have my RoboDK installed on a PC and I'm not able to start the program when I logged in remotely from another computer (a MacBook Pro), using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Specifically, the program would start, and then suddenly quit by itself. However, when I do the same locally, on the pc that RoboDK is installed on, it works fine and I view and control the program from a remote computer too. 
I want to check if this is something expected. If it is not, is there any config I can change to enable it? Thank you!
If you use Windows Remote Desktop you may have to start RoboDK with this BAT file:
This is related to the graphic card not being used on a Remote Desktop.

Alternatively, using a Virtual Machine to run Windows on Mac or 3rd party software such as TeamViewer should work.

We have been improving the RoboDK version for Mac recently it should work well with the latest Apple M1 processor. Did you see any issues?

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