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Renaming Targets


It would be great to have a feature or a script that can rename a selected set of targets in a sequential order. Pictured below is an example of a data set that I would need renamed, and below this is a sample of the UI that I have thought up:

  1. Highlight set of targets to rename
  2. User Input: Root Name of Targets (i.e RH_AFT_WING )
  3. User Input: Type of Target (i.e Point or Target or Location)
  4. User Input (Y/N): Do you want targets renamed in sequential order?
Result (Target Data Set of 3): 
  1. RH_AFT_WING_Point1
  2. RH_AFT_WING_Point2
  3. RH_AFT_WING_Point3
To name targets in a sequential order, you can select all targets and then right click and select 'Rename Group'. Enter the text you wish to have for the name. You will have a serial number starting from 1 for the selected targets. This will work for any similar items in the station tree like Reference frame too.

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