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Repositioning All Targets at Once
Hi, I created a program to have a UR5 go to targets on the surface of a 3D model. Unfortunately, I realized after completion that the part was aligned in the -X direction instead of +X and need to essentially rotate the robot base 180 degrees to simply face all the targets the other way. 

We tried manually repositioning every target by adding 180 to joint theta 1, and saved them all as joint targets. This worked in the simulation however not on our in-person robot. The joints in the teach pendant for our UR5 read the original, incorrect joint angles. We also tried nesting the targets in a new frame and rotating that frame 180 degrees but that did not work in-person either. We tried rotating the reference frame for the UR5 base 180 which also didn't work. We then tried adjusting the global frame in the script code and had no success.

It seems our attempts to modify the program work in the simulation, but do not change how the robot behaves in-person.

Attached is our workstation and tree. All we want is to move everything behind the robot, in the positive x direction since we accidentally set it up in the negative.

Thank you, any help is appreciated.

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Ok, I think you were pretty close to a solution.

What I would do is the following.

1 - Create a new frame under "UR5 Base". Make sure its position is all zeros by right-clicking on it in the tree and "reset". Rename it "Frame Rot".
2 - If all the targets are in a frame other than the "UR5 Base frame", right-click on it,
If all the targets are under "UR5 Base", select them all, right-click on one,
Select "Change support"->"Frame Rot".
3 - Open "Frame Rot" panel (double-click)
4 - Rotate 180 deg around Z (you might want to change the Euler angle format to make it more obvious).
5 - Select the frame or the targets your transferred in the "Frame Rot", "right-click"->"Change support"->"UR5 Base"
6 - Go to each target one at the time with the robot, right-click the target in the station tree -> "Teach current position"

Follow these steps and let me know if it works.

Otherwise, please send your station.

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All worked out. Thanks, Jeremy.

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