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Request to add Siasun 7-axis model

Dear RoboDK team,

I would like you to add Siasun robots as attached, SCR5 and SCR3.
Look forward to a positive reply.

Sorry for my duplication of attachments.
My requests are two models, SCR5 and SCR3.

Best Regards,

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 4.27 MB / Downloads: 438)
.zip (Size: 9.24 MB / Downloads: 425)
.zip   SCR5 (3).zip (Size: 4.53 MB / Downloads: 434)
.zip   SCR3 (1).zip (Size: 9.94 MB / Downloads: 410)
Dear Hiroe,

I attached the 2 Siasun robots. 

Can you also provide information regarding joint limits, home position and sense of rotation?
I did not find this information on the Siasun website.


Attached Files
.robot   Siasun-SCR5.robot (Size: 727.69 KB / Downloads: 402)
.robot   Siasun-SCR3.robot (Size: 1.89 MB / Downloads: 417)
Hello Albert,

Thank you for creating 2 Siusan robots.
I have sent additional data such as joint limit to you separately,
as I am not sure those information are confidential or not.

Have a safe and nice weekend!

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