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Requesting to response for being Channel Partner in India

I am Sagar from Automax Robotics Pvt Ltd. We had meeting with Alex for being the  distributor in India. They approved us to become channel partner of RoboDk but not recieved the further procedure for payment. I have sent the couple of mails but did not received any response. We have some enquiries for the software and they are ready to buy it. Please look into this and guide us for further procedure.
I see that Danielle was in touch with you. Did you receive her emails?

I'll get back to you shortly.
Thanks for your valuable response but we have not received any response from Danielle. I have received mail from your side, I have given a reply on the same requesting you to please respond on it.
If possible please share the contact details for quick communication & for further discussion.
Any Updates?
I just got back to you by email. I'll let Alex or Danielle follow up. Please try to not use the forum to let us know you sent us an email.

Some emails can take time to respond. Also, please check your spam box because I believe you didn't receive some of our emails.
Thank you so much, I received the mail.

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