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Restricting unwanted tool Z rotation

I have a machining project with particularly tight working conditions. No matter the machining settings, I'm getting what looks like 90 degrees of Z rotation, even when the "Allow a tool Z rotation of..." is set to 0 or 5 degrees.
I'm currently using Minimum tool orientation algorithm, because Tool Orientation follows path produces very jerky motion
I need to be able to restrict z roll. Ideally all the way down to none at all.
I cannot post the .rdk at this time without removing a good amount of customer info, but a settings screenshot is attached

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If you want the smallest change of orientation possible you should use 0 as allowed tool z rotation.

Did you try the teach function?
You can move your robot to your preferred orientation and select "Teach" to define your reference.

Also, I recommend you to set a rounding value in Program Events to prevent the jerky motion (it adds a rounding instruction at the top of your program).

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