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RoboDK 5.4+ software error

Within my robot programs I have a a 'Program Call' command and within the text of the command it reads like this:

123, 2445, 3456, "file", 1124

My post processor passes the text through to the file without editing it and pre RoboDK 5.4 this worked fine. Since the 5.4 update and also 5.5, additional '\' characters are being added so that it now outputs data like this:

123, 2445, 3456, \"file\", 1124

I've tried different version of RoboDK and python interpreters and it appears to be an issue with RoboDK.

Can you please help

You are right, this is a new bug we recently introduced. We'll fix it within a week.

As a workaround you can add this line at the top of the RunCode function that outputs program calls in your post processor:
code = code.encode('raw_unicode_escape').decode('unicode_escape')
Thanks, work around works well

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