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RoboDK Add-In for Rhino

I want to ask questions about RoboDK Add-In for Rhino(I am referring to the link below to do it.),install、Rhino toolbar and settings are all done, but the cad model and the curve are not sinking into the robodk, I don't know why?
Hi there,

Can you give us a bit more info about the things you tried?
Are you using the latest version of RoboDK?
Have you tried with multiple 3D model?
Are you selecting the features properly?
Have you tried using other export format? (See the settings of the Rhino Add-In)
Have you tried Autosetup? Or just load part and load curve?

Have a great day.
I have tried RoboDK Add-In for SolidWorks (is ok), but I have not responded to the Auto setup or load part using RoboDK Add-In for Rhino,(the command window has shown RoboDK_AutoSetup finished: Unknown Problem)?
Can you provide the files and steps reproduce this issue?

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