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RoboDK Graphics (Features Request)

I think that RoboDK's graphics need to be more powerfull. This is some of the features I think that it's important to implement:
- Antialiasing
- Black edges: its difficult to see some object without this feature.
- Transparent Objects
- Better texture and color handle ... including when importing files (in the most cases colors lost when importing)
-Shadows and occlusion.
-Show / Hide ground plane (THIS IS ESSENTIAL !!)
-Flexible user interface: icon control size (essential for small screens).
-Better performance

Other important features:
-Center the view: Two middle clicks on the mouse (like solidworks etc ...)
Hi Oxbown, 

Thanks for your comment. 
The point is, being one of the most accessible multi-robot brand offline programming software in terms of price comes with some trad off. We prefer investing resources to have a strong software on the robot and API side then on the graphical side. 

That being said, some of the requests you are asking for are already available or have an easy work around: 

"-Better texture and color handle ... including when importing files (in the most cases colors lost when importing)"

First, if you want to keep the colors when importing, you need to use the STEP AP214, not the STEP AP203 file format. 
Second, if you still don't see the colors, it's often because they were not apply on the right body of your CAD model. To reveal them, go in "Tools -> Change color tool". Select your object and look for the color that is over the other colors and bring the "Alpha" value to Zero. See picture. 


"-Show / Hide ground plane (THIS IS ESSENTIAL !!)"

For that, I create myself a floor in STEP file, pretty much a big square a few centimeter tick. Then I put the centre of it at the station [0,0,0]. I can then show or hide this object. 

"- Transparent Objects"

You can modify the transparency of your object by modifying the "Alpha" value in "Tools -> Change color tool".

"-Better performance"

This thread quickly talk about that situation.

Some options to improve performance are available in "Tools -> Options" and in the tab "Display" and "CAD". 

"-Center the view: Two middle clicks on the mouse (like solidworks etc ...)

Those 2 buttons in the Toolbar do pretty much that. 


You can also right click the Toolbar and select "View (Extended)" for more options. 


For the rest of your request, I invite you, if you own a professional license, to contact us via  "RoboDK software -> Help -> Request support". 

Have a good day. 
You should be able to change the size of the toolbar here:
Tools-Options-Icon Size (toolbar)
Thank you @Albert and @Jeremy your tips works perfect.
Some more suggestions:
 -Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S should be in a shortcut or on a specific button, its hard to remember the keys combination.
- In the texture menu should be more flexible, like layer control.
- I think that Black edges is essential to manage 3D objects, it's hard to see the objects with the same colours without this feature.
Yes, the simplify option can be applied to all objects using this option:

Tools-Options-Display-Simplify Object...

Then, select your station item (the first item in the tree). This will apply the simplify operation on everything.

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