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RoboDK Inventor Plugin not working for .iam files (Inventor 2021)

Hi team at RoboDK,
I've recently updated to inventor 2021 from 2019, and the plugin no longer allows me to load assemblies as parts into RoboDK.
For example, when I open an Inventor .iam assembly file and click on the RoboDK tab, nothing shows up. So instead, what I have to do is open each .ipt part of the assembly individually and load them one by one which can be time-consuming (or manually generate the STEP file of the assembly and load it into RoboDK).
In inventor 2019, the tab worked fine and allowed me to load the .aim assembly as parts into RoboDK, load curves and all the rest etc. just fine.
Will there be a fix for this soon? Happy to provide more screenshots, if more information is needed.

Inventor 2019

Inventor 2021

(Edit: I have also recently received this work computer to use for my job, and this is what I am using 2021 Inventor on. I would suspect there is read/write restrictions on this computer, which my personal computer with inventor 2019 didn't have. 
If this is what is causing the issue, what directories do I need to get access to read/write rights so the plugin can work properly).
Thank you for the clear explanation of the issue. We'll be looking at this issue in the next few days and we hope to fix it as soon as possible.
Hey Albert or anyone

How about this topic? did you solve it? Or do you have a workaround?
I am facing the same issue.
I can confirm that no fix has been issued yet and the problem still persists for me also.
I haven't heard back from the RoboDK team either since 15th of September, am checking this page often.

I have been exporting my models to step or stl formats and importing into RoboDK that way manually. It is painful living without a working plugin. The plugin made everything so easy.
Hi Guys,

I'm sorry that we let that one go through.
I'll bring it up as soon as possible.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

I've been unable to reproduce this issue after installing the latest update of Autodesk Inventor Professional 2021. More precisely, version 2021.2, build 289.

Can you confirm if the problem is fixed on your end?
If not, can you provide the steps to reproduce?
Hi Albert,

Apologies for the delayed response.
I've been able to update Inventor, I needed some admin rights to do so. I am now running Inventor Professional 2021.2, build 289 on my work computer - previously was build 189.

I am still having the same issue where the RoboDK tab shows nothing when an inventor assembly (.iam) file is opened.

 When the current file opened is an inventor part (.ipt), I have no issues using the RoboDK plugin to its full capacity (as shown in the images attached).

As shown in the images in my previous post, the RoboDK plugin used to work with assembly files on Inventor 2019, however, that was my own personal computer where I had full admin rights.

Are there any special privileges or directories the RoboDK plugin needs to work properly with inventor assembly files? I will be able to get assistance on my end to get rights to those resources, and maybe that will fix the issue.
I'm also getting the same behavior: The RoboDK ribbon is blank/empty in an Inventor assembly file, but is fine in a part file.
Inventor: 2021.2.1, build 289.
RoboDK dll info: 1.6.7461.19605

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Good to know it's not just me!

I have installed inventor 2021, version 2021.2 build 289, on my personal home computer and the plugin is behaving as detailed earlier. This seems to not be a resource issue as I have full admin rights on my personal computer. 

Is this prblem solved?
My plug-in is also doesn't working in Invento 2019 'Assmbly Design(.iam)'
It works in 'part design(.ipt)'

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