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RoboDK Opening Multiple Instances of Itself

I'm having an issue where every time I startup RoboDK, it opens many many instances of itself faster than I can close them in task manager. To the point that it locks up my computer. I've had to force restart it four times. The problem started after I loaded all of the available plug-ins (just to try them out). It doesn't matter if I try to open a new project or an old one. I've also tried reinstalling the entire thing with no effect.

This is the best picture I could get of what it looks like when it starts up (I don't know why it's upside-down here or how to fix it, but it's right-side-up in the actual program).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This issue happens due to the Chip8/OpenGL plugin not using the API properly. You can follow these steps to fix the issue:
  1. Close RoboDK.
  2. Rename or delete this file:
  3. Open RoboDK.
  4. Select Tools-Plugins and disable this plugin by double clicking on it (it may be automatically disabled if you renamed it or deleted it)
  5. Close RoboDK (your preferences are saved when you close RoboDK).
  6. You can place the DLL back and it should not load by default.
I'm sorry for the trouble this caused. We'll be improving this plugin so it does not open new instances of RoboDK.


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