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RoboDK PRE-processor / import robot programs back onto RoboDK

RoboDK is a fantastic product, but a big drawback to my use case is the (almost)impossibility to import robot programs back to it.

For example, I've build a cell, did the simulation, gererated the OLP program, and sent it to robot programmer.

He did some optimizations onsite, but now we need to do a more detailed analysis, and the right direction would be import the current programs back on RoboDK cell and go from there.

I know that is possible import programs from some major brands, but as far I know, this is still unofficial, and depending on the robot setup, the import operation isn't so seamless.

I also know RoboDK has a Generic Post-processor.

So I was wondering if is possible to create some kind of PRE-processor or RoboDK common language, to help import robot programs back onto RoboDK, so users could create their PRE-processos as needed, more or less as happen with post-processors.
Hi Massula,

I do agree that it would be a very nice feature to have.
But it's not in our near future development roadmap.

Part of what you are looking for already exists though.
Every time RoboDK Posprocess a program, it creates a in your Temp file (enter %Temp% in your file explorer to reach this specific folder).
This is kinda the "Generic RoboDK language". It will create the same kind of file no matter the robot used in RoboDK.

Our API could then be used to create a "reimporting" macro.
You can find an example of something similar in "C:/RoboDK/Library/Script/".

Let me know what you think.
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Thanks for the tip, Jeremy.

I will give a look on this subject.

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