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RoboDK Python can't generate Position with User Coordinate With Motoman

Hi Guy.

I have problem with Python API.

I try using user coordinate of motoman robot in RoboDK.

Simulation work very well and it is correct with what i program.

When i try to generate the code and send to robot. I check the file.JBL don't use User coordinate, it using base coordinate. I tried  to find in options setting but don't found solution.

Please help me what is wrong in my program.

Best Regard.


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.py (Size: 2.83 KB / Downloads: 572)
.rdk   Pallettizing Simulation V1.3.rdk (Size: 9.18 MB / Downloads: 542)
Hi Paul,

You should change the post processor and select Motoman Cartesian to have targets in Cartesian space. With this post, you will be export all targets with respect to the base frame by default (in your Yaskawa Motoman JBI program). If you want to use your coordinate system you can set the USE_MFRAME variable to True (line 79). See attached post.

If you have a numbered reference frame and tool in your tree (such as USER 4 or TOOL 2 like you already have) you'll be using those indexed references. If they are not numbered it will use the options SETTOOL and MFRAME to set the tool and reference in your code.

More information about how to select and modify post processors here:


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.py (Size: 9.09 KB / Downloads: 697)
Hi Albert.

Thanks for your help.

I try with your guide but problem can be process.

I try with three post process support for motoman and use USE_MFRAME = True but still can't resolve problem.

I think have some think mistake in here.

I i use normal program with target. Robodk can make file.JBI with User frame.

I think i make somethings mistake in Python, but don't know how to process.

Please help me check.

This is the Robodk file

This is RoboDk file

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.rdk   Pallettizing Simulation V1.3.rdk (Size: 10.97 MB / Downloads: 530)
I understand better what you mean. I believe you want to do this from the API. Correct?

If so, we just allowed this with the latest version. I recommend you to update RoboDK (Windows versions only).
Also, you should select the Motoman Cartesian Frame post. The one I sent you in my previous post.

Let me know if it doesn't work.

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