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RoboDK Simulation vs Post-processor generated code


I am currently using RoboDK to simulate a pick and place trajectory using UR5. I have the program generated in RoboDK. Using the UR post processor, I am able to generate the URScript for my application.

My question is regarding the comparison of the trajectory simulated by RoboDK (when we run the program in the software) and the final trajectory simulated by URSim using the post processor generated code.

We know that URSim simulation is highly representative of the actual robot motion. Does the same hold true for simulation in RoboDK? Or will a user see some differences between the two for the same set of waypoints?

The motivation behind this question is to understand if RoboDK simulates trajectories that the robot will actually execute or not.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, or if you need some clarification. Thank you
If you are only using Universal Robots, URSim may be sufficient for your simulation needs (for example, if you don't need CAD to path features offline). However, if you want a more versatile simulation tool that supports multiple robot manufacturers and additional CAD to path and offline programming features, RoboDK may be a better choice.
In general, if you don't see issues with a program that you simulate in RoboDK you should be able to run the program on your robot controller. This applies if you are using a Universal Robot or most other 6-axis robot arms.

However, under some circumstances, you may see program issues. These are some examples:
  1. You program the robot to move very quickly near a singularity. In this case you may need to adjust some singularity tolerances in Tools-Options-Motion
  2. You have very small or large circular movements: we applied some filters to prevent generating very small arc movements or large movements.
  3. You use a large blending/rounding: we applied some filters to limit blending to 40% of the linear movement.
  4. You output a program call that is not available on the robot controller or as a UR extension (URCaps)

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