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RoboDK and kinect sensor


I would like to know if it's possible (and how) to use the kinect sensor in a robotic application.

Thanks for your answer.

However, we would like to use the Kinect sensor in our robotic application, but I can't find any examples.


I recommend you to take a look at example attached.

You can run this file and you'll be able to jog the robot from the keyboard. Make sure to run it separately in console mode so you can intercept the keyboard input in console mode.

If you want to integrate a Kinect sensor you should translate human movements (provided by the Kinect sensor) to a robot translation (and maybe orientation).

If you take a look at the example attached you'll find a translation vector [x,y,z] and a speed (they are multiplied to obtain the next translation). You need to retrieve similar information provided from the Microsoft Kinect sensor and feed it to the algorithm in this file (or similar). This algorithm calculates the new robot position based on the forward/inverse kinematics and checks to make sure you don't suddenly change the robot configuration.

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I am trying to use the keyboard feature, but I am having trouble. Will you please look into it? My goal is more or less the same.

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