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RoboDK and non-commercial robot


I have a question about the software. I'm building a homemade Robot with Kuka drives and control (7 axes). Is it possible to simulate and program it offline with RoboDK or does the software allow you to program only commercial robots?
If you have your 3D files and your know the dimensions, you can create any robot.
Here is a tutorial which explains how to create a robot:

Once you have the robot in the RoboDK environment, you can simulate and program it offline easily.
Thanks for the reply Vineet!

Seeing the tutorial, however, I notice that you are bounded to certain standard types of robots in the creation of the mechanism. Do you think it is possible to use some artifice to create the mechanism you see attached? For example, in my opinion, what I called the Y axis could be modeled with an auxiliary device of the "Linear Tracks" type, but I'm not sure how to model the other six axes.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Edit: Obviously the values associated with the Z1m and Z1s axes will always be the same, so they could be "merged" and then proceed to duplicate the lines of code relating to the Z1 axis within the post processor. Could this be a good strategy?

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