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RoboDK as a product for stone milling

My name is Mike Rhodes,

I am a manufacturing engineer with a company that specializes in Stone art.

My intention is to mill stone with the capable software of RoboDK, coupled with CAM software. 15 Years experience in CNC in Stone and Sandblasting.

Kuka Kr120 R2700 extra HA. Multiple PLC in action with 7th axis turntable.

Just purchased this software, now I am cooking with fire.

Please be kind with me as our robot is a new addition.

Mike Rhodes

Thank you Albert
Hi Mike, you can find our robot in our library as KUKA KR120 R2700 HA (extra is an additional option):

I assume your turntable is synchronized with the KUKA KRC controller as E1. How can we help? Do you have the 3D model of your turntable, spindle, etc? We can help you build your setup in RoboDK.
Hello fellow RoboDK clients,

This software is worth the investment for your company. I have explored many other options aside from RoboDK, and I have found this is the best value by far.

There is no such thing as a turnkey robot application. It takes work and study of how the software works, and how you model your cell in RoboDK. The team behind the RoboDK software are experts and will do their best to help you, but you must study your integration manuals for your robot.

I am a beginner with a Kuka KR 2700 Extra HA for milling stone. It is a second hand robot with custom PLC and spindle. I am extremely experienced in CAM with CNC, but robotics is a different animal altogether.

Buy RoboDK. Purchase it, learn it.

I have NO regrets. Simulation is EXACTLY what the robot does.

Mike Rhodes

Dear Albert,

I will model my table to exact specifications for you on Monday. I will upload this file so you can work your magic on any advise :)
Hi Mike, Thank you very much for your feedback! This is highly appreciated.

We look forward to helping you properly model your cell. Let us know via this forum or by email.

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