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RoboDK black screen and crash on startup

[Image: HngB11c.png]Hello everybody~!
i have Robodk update version 3.8.4 but it is error screen display black color, everybody can help me! thank you so much!
I recommend you to try the following:
  1. Select Tools-Options-Set default settings
  2. Restart RoboDK
If the previous steps didn't help:
Do you have an old graphics card?
Have you tried updating graphic card drivers?
Can you run RoboDK by double clicking one of these files?
  • C:/RoboDK/RoboDK-Safe-Start.bat
  • C:/RoboDK/RoboDK-Safe-Start-VM.bat
To debug this issue better it would help us if you can follow these steps:
  1. Close RoboDK
  2. Start RoboDK by double clicking the file:
  3. Try to reproduce the problem in RoboDK until it crashes.
  4. Right after the crash, provide us with this file:

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