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RoboDK can not connect with FANUC ROBOT RJ3ib controller!

Hi !
I am connecting robodk with fanuc robot Rj3ib, i have downloaded necessary drivers and files (go_mj, go_pro, go_ml, go_mls,RDK_S3.pc). The driver file I used is from the v6v7v8 folder, I also installed the options on the robot, (pc interface, user socket message, karel, ascii upload) , but when loading the above files into the robot, the robot reported an error with the file RDK_S3 version too New, and the file have error.
The fanuc robot I'm using is version 6.4 RJ3ib M6ib 
Can you help me connect fanuc Rj3ib with robodk so i can calibrate tool robot using twintool ?
I have contacted Alex several times about this issue via email asking for help, but he has not responded.

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