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RoboDK collisions Avoidance

Hi , I’m currently working under a small project with Ur5. I’m currently using RoboDK collision avoidance to do path planing for my project. I was thinking is there a way to extract the collection avoidance map into ployscope(UR5’s User Interface) so in future if I create a new target I can update my path planning without making use of the software(RoboDK) again to recreate the path. I’m searching for more like a plugin or a script which can automatically update my target in the robot itself( to make the robot fully autonomous even when there is a slight change in the target or when there is a need for calibration) (we will of course make use of the camera to give us a new coordinates) 

My second question is there a way to bring in a URSim program like .script without any problem. Currently I have a old program but when I bring or port the old program into RoboDK. This program somehow does not connect to the simulation I created. 

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