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RoboDK crashes after loading Fanuc robot

Hello guys!

I am facing one problem:

I tried to download Fanuc robot from the library and after I pressed "Download" button, RoboDK crashes. Attached you can find screenshot and debug.txt

Today I have downloaded newest Win64 version but in "About" says its 5.0.0. build 18091-Release date: 2020-07-17

Thanks for support!
Kind regards,

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.txt   RoboDK.debug.txt (Size: 4.54 KB / Downloads: 461)
Hi Tom,

This is a known issue on some computers when using Windows. For the time being, I recommend you to use the online library on a browser instead:
You can download the robot file and drag & drop it in RoboDK to open it.

Can you send us the debug log? It will help us fix this issue.

Hi Albert,

thank you for replying.

Isn't the log this RoboDK.debug.txt that I attached or do you need another file?

Kind regards,
Hi Tom,

I'm sorry I missed the debug file. Thank you for sharing it. It will help fix this issue.


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