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RoboDK for AR2

Hi everyone, I'm a student and I try to make a complete project where I need to use the robot AR2.
To generate my code and simulate the robot I use RoboDK but now it's time to send the program to my robot and I can't.
If someone has already done this before, can you contact me to help me please ?
I can't connect my robot to the software, it says :

[color=var(--ricos-custom-p-color, unset)][Image: a27d24_1a1120c66e8f4f18894e2166bd3dd90b~mv2.webp]


[Image: a27d24_42922ddfd7894b858b581b58cf52af13~mv2.webp]

I'm a beginner in this world so I know I made something wrong but I don't know what ?
Thank you for your help !
The answer to your question is in your own screen shot

Make sure you have installed python, and goto tools options and set the path for the python version you are using

It's all explained in the robodk documentation on the website
Thanks Colin!

Here is the link for the Python Documentation:

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