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RoboDK harware requirements

Hello All

I have a question for everyone.
I am new to Robo DK and am actually wanting to use it mainly for offline programming.  I downloaded the trial version to test it for my employer several weeks ago.  Sadly our network administrator denied my download.   Since then I have been working with the IT professionals and they want to install it on a different network for me to use but they asked for a " Technical Data Sheet" for Robo DK software to assist them in the install.  My question is is there such a thing availble?  I searched the website and found nothing then emailed the general info email but have had no response.  

I would really like to use/ purchase this software but need to install it on our system.  Is there anyone that can help me or point me in the right direction?

We recently added this section in our documentation which shows the requirements or recommended hardware specifications to install RoboDK:
Thank you for the link. I will pass it along to our IT people.


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