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RoboDK not Working in Online Mode with Fanuc Robot
I am having a continuous problem with Online Programming my Fanuc CR-15IA. I can send it movement commands from RDK, but RDK is unable to know when those movements are finished, and so just rushes to the next command immediately before movement is complete.
This happens even with special updated drivers I was supplied on here that I was indicated would fix this problem. I am hoping to find a resolution to this as for my specific needs, I would really like to be able to synchronously move the robot and execute commands while doing online programming as part of a full program in the UI.
Hi Alec,

Did you update RoboDK? Make sure to update RoboDK to the latest version if you use the latest version of the Fanuc driver.

Also, do you have a rounding instruction? This may create this buffering effect.

It would help if you can send us the RDK file you are testing to better take a look at this issue.

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