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RoboDK not acquiring measurements from VXElements

We are using Motoman AR3120 (custom-built robot file) in RoboDK (see attachment for the setup).

We've successfully connected to the robot, we've successfully connected to the Creaform Optical CMM and exported the models from VX track to import into RoboDK.  We double checked we have rigid models with the origin centered on the targets and generally made sure we did everything exactly demonstrated by Creaform.

What happens is, we click "Start measure" with auto-sync on.  RoboDK successfully drives the robot to the next pose, and at that pose we can see the coordinates of both the base and tool frames are known in real time via the VXElements measure window.  Typically at this point, the coordinates we see in the VXElements window are transcribed to the row in the RoboDK measurements screen.  However, on the screen it just says "Stopped.  Ready to start measurement X".  We seem to be completely unable to take measurement data despite the VXElements window within RoboDK suggesting it is available.

We have successfully calibrated another robot cell with a custom built robot file. So, we don't think the file is the issue. Any suggestions on overcoming is inability to grab measurements would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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