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RoboDK quits automatically on startup

RoboDK shuts down automatically on startup, with a message saying;

>"Unable to access file //cor-file03/marlaroc$/RoboDK/Mecademic-Meca500-R3.robot"<

as such I am completely unable to use RoboDK, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling 3 times to no avail.

please help,
Are you using the latest Windows version? Are you downloading the file from the public website?

To debug this issue better it would help if you can follow these steps:
  1. Close RoboDK
  2. Start RoboDK by double clicking this file:
  3. Try to reproduce the problem in RoboDK until it crashes.
  4. Right after the crash, provide us with this file:
I have the same issue. RoboDK GUI opens, then shuts down. I have updated my laptop Windows and Graphics Drivers, with a Firmware update. Uninstalled RoboDK, reinstalled it twice. I tried opening RoboDK in Safe-Start.bat and it throws an Error.

Error: Windows cannot find 'RoboDK-GL2.exe Make sure you type the name correctly and try again.
Can you provide more information about the specifications of your computer? (hardware and Windows version)

Can you provide the debug text file?

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