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RoboDK robot.MoveC doubt

Hi, i'm working on a simulation with a KUKA KR210 L150-2 and I have a lot of troubles to understand the MoveC function, I made a simple script to go from Target1 to Target2, but I don't have more options (like center point) so the robot just does whatever he wants...

code: robot.MoveC(tarTarget1,tarTarget2)

If I have the robot in the Target1 position i get this Path:

[Image: IcEAXjm.png]

If I have the robot in the Target2 position (this is really weird, because after Target1, it goes really fast):
[Image: 4kWQtkD.png]

If I have the robot in any other position I understand that it will try to make a circular movement by touching the 2 targets, but is A RANDOM circle, I have no control over this...

[Image: AsbYwO6.png]

Is there any other options for this movement? or what is the best way to master it correctly?
Thanks for reading, have a good day :)
Hi Nox, 

The thing you have to understand here is that MoveC use 3 points : The 2 you selected in the MoveC and the current position of the robot has a starting point. 
In order to have a constant circular path, you need to have a constant starting point. 

Add a MoveJ to a target (Target0 for example) before the MoveC instruction. That should help you get started. 

Thanks for your reply Jeremy,
I was thinking that... So I will have to "draw" a circle with the starting point and the 2 points that are in the "path" in order to get the circle I want...
But anyways the second movement is somehow erratic, what's the explanation of this?
Hi Nox, 

I'm not sure to understand your last message about erratic path. The only thing I can see is that you can't do more than half of a circle with one MoveC. If you want to do a full circle, you need to use two MoveC one after the other. 

You can send more screen shot or a RDK file if you want more explanation. 

Hi Jeremy,
so that we can be clear... the MoveC function works with 3 points: your actual position, then goes through target1 and then target2 to complete a circular path... is this right?

in the second screenshot I say "erratic movement" because if you're standing on the target2 and try to do the MoveC, the robot goes from target2 to target1 and then to a random place (and from the target1 to that random place it goes really fast)
Hi Nox, 

You are right about the MoveC instruction, you need three targets to create your circular path. 

This screenshot show you the proper way of using a MoveC. Here, I created a 250 mm radius half circle. See how I used the MoveJ to move my robot to a known position before using the MoveC.

For your erratic motion, you can't be at a starting position that is one of the positions used in the MoveC. You need three different positions. 

Yes, I understand now, thank you Jeremy!

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