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RoboDK -> temporary file, point conversion.

Hi there

As soon as you generate a robotprogramm with a postprocessor, there will be generated a temporary file in the %TEMP% folder of windows. In this file, all movements with the points are written down. I need to find out, how the point coordinates in the RoboDK-Simulation are translated to this tempfile.

This is a little snippet of my code:









The commented out coords are the coords, which I've set in the RoboDK, and which I am moving to within a python-program. And I can see that the second argument in the MoveFunction includes the joint-angles. But how converts RoboDK for example the first point #(330,190,340,-150,10,75) to p(330,190,340,-73.4728,26.362,-162.149)?

I already found out, that the frame of the roboter does not have any affect on this, an that the cartesian coords always stay the same. But the Euler change sometimes, and sometimes they don't. What is the algorithm behind all of this?

As far as I've seen now, this works as described because the selected configuration (mine is Stäubli). So the ROT[X,Y',Z''] will be converted into ROT[X,Y,Z]. But the XYZ-angles will be converted into ZYX after that. I can't see why this happens, but it works with the postprocessor. I think this thread could be closed.

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